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An app to help people who are homeless find services


Ask Izzy - Designed for Infoxchange, funded by Google

"Make better use of our directory of community services to assist people who are homeless."
- Infoxchange Product Manager

A personalised mobile website that connects people who are homeless with services they need.

95% of people who are homeless in Australia have a mobile phone and 77% have a smartphone. This creates a great opportunity to connect them with the services they need but may not know about.

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Through extensive community research we realised how different everyone's situation is. A quarter of people who are homeless are fleeing family violence. Others simply can’t afford to pay rent. Physical and mental illness or injury can cause a downward spiral from which escape is very difficult. This lead us to design a highly personalised app that recommends essential services like food and shelter based on a person's background, needs and location.

Designing the right information

With 1,200 specialist homelessness services and more than 300,000 health, welfare and community support services we had to find ways to get people to the right services for their situation. Through a range of design activities, people suffering homelessness helped us understand what information was vital for them.

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The project won funding from the Google Impact Challenge.

AskIzzy was launched by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in 2015. Danny, who was helping us work with people suffering homelessness thinks it can really make a difference. 

“Great work, guys! I’m so stoked with the app. It’s gonna be such a great resource for people who are homeless. And I got to meet the Prime Minister!”

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