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An app to streamline the medication packing process

FredPak - Designed for Fred NXT

"We need an app that integrates with our existing pharmaceutical software to help manage the packing process."
- FredIT Product Manager

A mobile application that streamlines the medication inventory and packing process and helps minimise errors.

Medicines are the most common treatment used in aged health care and significantly improve health when used appropriately. However, medication packing errors can be fatal. We worked closely with FRED NXT and visited pharmacies across the state to observe medication packing procedures to see if we could design a solution to minimise errors and streamline the process.

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What we observed in pharmacies

Important patient data such as medication dosages and changes in dosage are often stored in 3 or 4 places. People packing and checking the medication have to sort through this information and decipher which patient data are current and which patients require medications urgently. This information is then used to fill blister packs for patients. Pharmacies are responsible for several pack runs every week, each with provisions for up to thousands of patients.

How we improved the process

We worked closely with FRED IT and pharmacy staff to design FREDPack, a tablet app that can assist pharmacists in the filling and checking of medication packs. The app draws patient medication data directly from FRED's dispensing software, which connects directly with GPs, hospitals and nursing homes, ensuring that the information is always current. Pack runs can be organised in the system to ensure that patients are given priority in emergencies, and alerts are sent out notifying staff when a patient’s dosage has been changed. 

The FREDPack app displays patient packing data in the form of a blister pack visualisation rather than a list. This visualisation saves packers significant amounts of time and allows pharmacists to check that the correct medications have been included. In addition, notes can be stored beside each patient’s profile with specific packing or delivery instructions.

Not only does FREDPack save considerable time and minimise errors in a busy environment, but it also tracks medication supply levels. This means pharmacies can be alerted when their stocks are low and can promptly re-order medications or scripts.

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