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A new way to monitor the growth of human embryos


Geri - Designed with Planet Innovation for Genea Biomedx

"Help us turn our early ideas into a finished interface."
- Product Manager at Planet Innovation

An intuitive touchscreen interface for scientists to control the machine and monitor embryo growth.


Geri is a world-class embryo incubator. It helps embryologists monitor the growth and success of embryos in a safe environment.

Like any incubator, Geri provides a safe environment for embryos to develop during an IVF cycle. But unlike less advanced incubators, Geri creates a time lapse video of their development. Embryologists can monitor the embryos as they develop without having to remove them from the incubator. This makes it easier to choose the right embryos for transfer, and that means better IVF success rates.

The Geri hardware was designed and built by Planet Innovation. We worked closely with the Planet Innovation team to designed the touch screen interface to control the incubator and view the video recordings.

Designed for the lab environment

Geri was designed to fit seamlessly in a lab environment. A single fertility lab might have several incubators which are monitored from a distance. We designed the interface for maximum clarity and readability so that all the key information was visible from across the room and warnings were extremely clear.

Each embryo has its own camera which takes a photo every 5 minutes, and these photos are combined into a time-lapse video to track the embryo's growth over time. The interface was designed to make it easy to annotate the video at any time the likely success of different embryos became clear.

Our prototype: The time-lapse view lets scientists see important changes in embryo growth.

Our prototype: The time-lapse view lets scientists see important changes in embryo growth.

Making the interface match the real world

Most interfaces have hard edges and straight lines. But the physical dishes used in Geri are circular, with the wells which contain the embryos arranged in a ring around the edge. We designed the on screen interface to match. This natural mapping helps reduce mistakes and make the product easier to use.

The physical dish

The physical dish

The digital dish

The digital dish

Designing a suite of labels

We created a consistent visual language across the both the digital and physical components of Geri. These labels helped embryologists know which solutions to use during each stage of the fertilisation and storage process.

An award winning result

The final product received a Good Design award (best in category, Medical and Scientific). See it in action below.

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