We design digital products that improve healthcare.

At its best, technology can have a profound effect on people's lives. We've designed products to make people healthier, save lives and even create new ones. But even the best health products can fail if they're not created with people in mind. Through research, design and testing we make sure important products and services are embraced by the people who use them.

Where are you in the product lifecycle?


We can help you visualise a new product by:

  • Doing research to uncover problems and opportunities

  • Developing a strategy for solving the problem

  • Creating a prototype to visualise a new product or service

early idea copy 2.jpg

We can help you launch a new product by:

  • Running research to analyse the audience and their needs

  • Building prototypes to map out the user experience

  • Testing with real users and making improvements

  • Designing a beautiful and intuitive interface

  • Positioning and branding the product

  • Leading a development team to build a first release

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We can help you design the next generation by:

  • Evaluating your product through user testing and usage data

  • Simplifying the user experience

  • Designing new features (or a mobile friendly version)

  • Creating ways to help you grow your product


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